The newest endoscopic equipment


In cases where it is necessary to perform the operation without extensive dissection of skin cover, the endoscopic surgery is used, applying a special newest endoscopic equipmentTransluminal surgery allows to perform surgery through natural body openings (eg, removal of the inflamed appendix through the vagina). This type of surgery does not involve any incisions in the abdominal wall.

Also, using endoscopic equipment the surveys and research of hollow viscera can be conducted. Developers and medical practitioners of the company Richard Wolf (Germany), which specializes in the production of endoscopic equipment, use in the development of new equipment every possible modern methods. Also at creation of endoscopic equipment fiber optics are used, which allows to obtain very high quality and accurate image of the inner surface of the organ, which is inspected.

Most quality materials, high precision of production equipment allow to create endoscopes and components such that provide unprecedented benefits when injected into the body through natural holes as well as through surgical incisions. Video Endoscopes allow to increase functionality of the manipulations and get a broad and detailed picture



RiMED offers equipment produced by Richard Wolf (Germany) for flexible and rigid endoscopy, light source components, and warranty and repair service. Flexible endoscopy instruments depending on the application divided into gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, syhmoidoskopy, holedoskopy and others, and hard to hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, rectoscopy, tsystouretroskopy, tsystorezektoskopy.