Novelty at the the Ukrainian market: Suture material B.Braun

RiMED presents to your attention a new suture material from the company B.Braun (Germany).

Wide range of products1

B.Braun company offers a wide range of absorbable, non-absorbable suture materials, special suture kits, as well as a full range of mesh implants and hemostatic materials.

The high quality2

B.Braun company reached a leading position due to the high quality of its products. All manufacturing centers of B.Braun have quality control department, which asserts the output, check the quality of each product from the beginning to the end of the production cycle.

Compliance with international standards3

Enterprises of B.Braun passed ISO and produce products of world standard quality GMP, which guarantees its high quality.

4Contemporary production technology

Production Center of suture materials of B.Braun is in Ruby (Spain). Here are concentrated departments of research and development of new products, QA and marketing, which reduces the interaction between production and marketing, facilitating the development and production of the world market of innovative products.

5The strategy focused on the consumer

The concentration of the different departments in the same complex makes it possible to improve continuously product quality and to optimize production processes. Due to the possibility rapidly to make necessary changes directly in the production process, the company quickly and flexibly responds to new professional needs of clinicians and surgeons to meet customer needs in comfort and safety.

6Experts in the suture, in mesh implants and hemostatic materials

Production Center of suture materials in Ruby develops and launches the world market a full range of absorbable and nonabsorbable sutures and mesh implants. Hemostatic materials are produced in Germany (Melsungen, Tutlinsen).