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В НАЛИЧИИ! НОВЫЙ Уретерореноскоп

В НАЛИЧИИ!   НОВЫЙ Уретерореноскоп  8 / 9,8 Шр (комплект) с рабочей длиной 430мм и прямым инструментальным каналом 5 Шр.

ВСЕГО за 5’200 ЕВРО


Компактный операционный оптико-волоконный уреретрореноскоп по Marberger

со смещенным в сторону окуляром

  • Удаление камней с помощью лазера, ультразвука, электрогидравлической или баллистической литотрипсии.
  • Возможно использование прочных, жестких вспомогательных инструментов в прямом инструментальном канале.
  • Использование гибких вспомогательных инструментов или двух различных инструментов, например, лазерного световолоконного или электрогидравлического зонда и экстрактора камней для фиксации и извлечения конкремента.


E-line компактный операционный оптико-волоконный URS с овальным ирригационным и инструментальным каналом, включая автоматический клапан для ввода инструментов Рабочая длина Общая длина Оптика Шр. Каналдля ирригации и для зонда Шр. Для вспомо- гательных инструментов Шр. Каталожный номер
Уретерореноскоп по Marberger 430 мм 600 мм 12° 8/9,8 5,2 x 6,2 1 x 5или2 x 3 8703.524

ENDOLIGHT LED 2.1 – the new LED Light Source


RiMED provides an improved light source ENDOLIGHT LED 2.1 by Richard Wolf (Germany).

Maximum performance class “300 watts” in LED technology.

ENDOLIGHT LED 2.1 provides a quantity of light comparable to a 300 W xenon light source with a new illuminant. This light source can therefore be used for all endoscopic interventions. Applications include operations with critical requirements for illumination, such as laparoscopies, thoracoscopies, transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM), cystoscopies, etc.

According to the manufacturer, the installed LED has a service life of 30,000 hours, i.e. it is not generally necessary to change the lamp within the intended lifetime of the device.

The energy consumption and the heat development of the LED is approximately 80% lower than an equivalent xenon light source. The very low-noise ventilation concept with passive heat pipe generates a virtually inaudible noise level of 25 dB(A). A calmer environment improves the working conditions in the operating room.

The efficient cooling concept also offers hygienic benefits with lower airflow.

To find more information about the range of endoscopic equipment by Richard Wolf (Germany) click on the link.

High-quality needles for sutures by B.Braun

High standard of quality in the production of needles

  • Needles by B.Braun gained recognition of surgeons for many years of use

Continuous development

  • B.Braun company uses advanced production technology and is focused on constant research and development to improve the quality of needles for all types of surgery
  • B.Braun has over 250 different types of needles, for use in various surgical procedures, or for personal preference of the surgeon

Needles Easyslide and CV Pass are the result of long-term studies in the field of surgical alloys and their clinical use. This led to the production of needles made of stainless steel.

Needle fracture strength and flexural

  • Stainless steel gives high strength to needles
  • Outstanding characteristics of fracture and flexural

Penetration ability

  • Consistently high penetration capability after repeated jabs
  • Silicone-coated surface facilitates penetration of the needle through the tissue





The new generation of cutting needles B.Braun with micro sharpening of the tip specifically for plastic surgery

Designed for plastic surgery

  • Excellent penetration ability and guarantee of fracture toughness and flexural

Exclusive design

  • Atraumatic slipping through the tissue
  • High Strength of the needle to fracture and flexural
  • Excellent stability in the needle holder at the expense of a slightly flattened body of the needle





Needles of new generation for for Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Specially designed to maintain the high standards required in Cardiovascular Surgery
  • CV Pass needles are manufactured using high-quality tungsten carbide stainless steel (300 series)

The special design of the needle body

  • Innovative form of stitching needle in the form of a square with rounded corners
  • The maximum breaking strength and flexural strength
  • Optimal penetration even after repeated jabs
  • Atraumatic slipping through tissue
  • Excellent stability of the needle in the needle holder
  • For better visualization while working of the needle CV Pass Easyblack painted in black

RiMED offers a wide variety of suture material by B.Braun (Germany).

Sterilization basket systems by Richard Wolf (Germany)


Individual set configurations for Knee Arthroscopy and Spine Surgery

The sterilization basket system has been complemented by two additional versions: Sterilization basket for Knee Arthroscopy and Sterilization basket for Spine Surgery. Functionality, flexibility and safety – all instruments are fixed safety and neatly in place during sterilization, storage and transport. The standard sizes of the basket system can be provided with a soft packaging or they can also be sterilized in sterilization containers, e.g. from Martin, Aesculap, Wagner, etc.

Sterilization basket for Knee Arthroscopy
New sterilization basket systems are currently also available for knee arthroscopy. The four containers with logical arrangement of the instruments permit safe reprocessing of the instrument set as well as offering the necessary overview and controlled access.
The new instrument baskets can be ordered individually or as a set, including instrument set, for specific applications.

Sterilization basket for Spine Surgery
Designed for loading with the instrument set VERTEBRIS lumbar. Two levels marked with the contours of the individual instruments simplify loading.

RiMED proposes to get acquainted with the full range of products by Richard Wolf (Germany) by clicking on the link.

Novelty at the the Ukrainian market: Suture material B.Braun

RiMED presents to your attention a new suture material from the company B.Braun (Germany).

Wide range of products1

B.Braun company offers a wide range of absorbable, non-absorbable suture materials, special suture kits, as well as a full range of mesh implants and hemostatic materials.

The high quality2

B.Braun company reached a leading position due to the high quality of its products. All manufacturing centers of B.Braun have quality control department, which asserts the output, check the quality of each product from the beginning to the end of the production cycle.

Compliance with international standards3

Enterprises of B.Braun passed ISO and produce products of world standard quality GMP, which guarantees its high quality.

4Contemporary production technology

Production Center of suture materials of B.Braun is in Ruby (Spain). Here are concentrated departments of research and development of new products, QA and marketing, which reduces the interaction between production and marketing, facilitating the development and production of the world market of innovative products.

5The strategy focused on the consumer

The concentration of the different departments in the same complex makes it possible to improve continuously product quality and to optimize production processes. Due to the possibility rapidly to make necessary changes directly in the production process, the company quickly and flexibly responds to new professional needs of clinicians and surgeons to meet customer needs in comfort and safety.

6Experts in the suture, in mesh implants and hemostatic materials

Production Center of suture materials in Ruby develops and launches the world market a full range of absorbable and nonabsorbable sutures and mesh implants. Hemostatic materials are produced in Germany (Melsungen, Tutlinsen).



Urologic laparoscopy. ERAGONmodular system continues to grow!


The Company Richard Wolf GmbH (Germany) – is one of the world leaders in the production of endoscopes, instruments for endoscopic microsurgery of all directions and hardware, has gained worldwide prestige and international recognition, continues steadily to improve its product line.

One of the latest developments of Richard Wolf, that is a member of the range of equipment supplied by RiMED – HF Multifunction Forceps for TEM.

The HF Multifunction Forceps for Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) are also available in the ERAGONmodular  design with immediate effect. They are associated with the modular three-part structure, a sheath outside diameter of 5 mm and the working length of 450 mm.
The HF Multifunction Forceps can be combined with the ERAGONmodular and with the ERAGONaxial handles. The knob on the ERAGONmodular sheath tube also facilitates the rotation of these instruments which was not possible up to now.


A large range of jaw insert versions is now supplied for a broadly based, interdisciplinary area of application. The ERAGONmodular system has been expanded by 23 new jaw inserts. They are compatible with the versatile ERAGONmodular and the ERAGONaxial handles, as well as being fitted with features for working comfortably.

The scale on the new sheath tube is used for measuring distances during the course of operations, and for assessing the size of findings or for measuring the length of tissue sections to be removed. This is helpful in bariatric surgery or provides reliable measurements for the length of intestinal loops. The new sheath tube is supplied in the working lengths 330 and 450 mm.


The newest endoscopic equipment


In cases where it is necessary to perform the operation without extensive dissection of skin cover, the endoscopic surgery is used, applying a special newest endoscopic equipmentTransluminal surgery allows to perform surgery through natural body openings (eg, removal of the inflamed appendix through the vagina). This type of surgery does not involve any incisions in the abdominal wall.

Also, using endoscopic equipment the surveys and research of hollow viscera can be conducted. Developers and medical practitioners of the company Richard Wolf (Germany), which specializes in the production of endoscopic equipment, use in the development of new equipment every possible modern methods. Also at creation of endoscopic equipment fiber optics are used, which allows to obtain very high quality and accurate image of the inner surface of the organ, which is inspected.

Most quality materials, high precision of production equipment allow to create endoscopes and components such that provide unprecedented benefits when injected into the body through natural holes as well as through surgical incisions. Video Endoscopes allow to increase functionality of the manipulations and get a broad and detailed picture



RiMED offers equipment produced by Richard Wolf (Germany) for flexible and rigid endoscopy, light source components, and warranty and repair service. Flexible endoscopy instruments depending on the application divided into gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, syhmoidoskopy, holedoskopy and others, and hard to hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, rectoscopy, tsystouretroskopy, tsystorezektoskopy.