High-quality needles for sutures by B.Braun

High standard of quality in the production of needles

  • Needles by B.Braun gained recognition of surgeons for many years of use

Continuous development

  • B.Braun company uses advanced production technology and is focused on constant research and development to improve the quality of needles for all types of surgery
  • B.Braun has over 250 different types of needles, for use in various surgical procedures, or for personal preference of the surgeon

Needles Easyslide and CV Pass are the result of long-term studies in the field of surgical alloys and their clinical use. This led to the production of needles made of stainless steel.

Needle fracture strength and flexural

  • Stainless steel gives high strength to needles
  • Outstanding characteristics of fracture and flexural

Penetration ability

  • Consistently high penetration capability after repeated jabs
  • Silicone-coated surface facilitates penetration of the needle through the tissue





The new generation of cutting needles B.Braun with micro sharpening of the tip specifically for plastic surgery

Designed for plastic surgery

  • Excellent penetration ability and guarantee of fracture toughness and flexural

Exclusive design

  • Atraumatic slipping through the tissue
  • High Strength of the needle to fracture and flexural
  • Excellent stability in the needle holder at the expense of a slightly flattened body of the needle





Needles of new generation for for Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Specially designed to maintain the high standards required in Cardiovascular Surgery
  • CV Pass needles are manufactured using high-quality tungsten carbide stainless steel (300 series)

The special design of the needle body

  • Innovative form of stitching needle in the form of a square with rounded corners
  • The maximum breaking strength and flexural strength
  • Optimal penetration even after repeated jabs
  • Atraumatic slipping through tissue
  • Excellent stability of the needle in the needle holder
  • For better visualization while working of the needle CV Pass Easyblack painted in black

RiMED offers a wide variety of suture material by B.Braun (Germany).