Urologic laparoscopy. ERAGONmodular system continues to grow!


The Company Richard Wolf GmbH (Germany) – is one of the world leaders in the production of endoscopes, instruments for endoscopic microsurgery of all directions and hardware, has gained worldwide prestige and international recognition, continues steadily to improve its product line.

One of the latest developments of Richard Wolf, that is a member of the range of equipment supplied by RiMED – HF Multifunction Forceps for TEM.

The HF Multifunction Forceps for Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) are also available in the ERAGONmodular  design with immediate effect. They are associated with the modular three-part structure, a sheath outside diameter of 5 mm and the working length of 450 mm.
The HF Multifunction Forceps can be combined with the ERAGONmodular and with the ERAGONaxial handles. The knob on the ERAGONmodular sheath tube also facilitates the rotation of these instruments which was not possible up to now.


A large range of jaw insert versions is now supplied for a broadly based, interdisciplinary area of application. The ERAGONmodular system has been expanded by 23 new jaw inserts. They are compatible with the versatile ERAGONmodular and the ERAGONaxial handles, as well as being fitted with features for working comfortably.

The scale on the new sheath tube is used for measuring distances during the course of operations, and for assessing the size of findings or for measuring the length of tissue sections to be removed. This is helpful in bariatric surgery or provides reliable measurements for the length of intestinal loops. The new sheath tube is supplied in the working lengths 330 and 450 mm.