ENDOLIGHT LED 2.1 – the new LED Light Source


RiMED provides an improved light source ENDOLIGHT LED 2.1 by Richard Wolf (Germany).

Maximum performance class “300 watts” in LED technology.

ENDOLIGHT LED 2.1 provides a quantity of light comparable to a 300 W xenon light source with a new illuminant. This light source can therefore be used for all endoscopic interventions. Applications include operations with critical requirements for illumination, such as laparoscopies, thoracoscopies, transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM), cystoscopies, etc.

According to the manufacturer, the installed LED has a service life of 30,000 hours, i.e. it is not generally necessary to change the lamp within the intended lifetime of the device.

The energy consumption and the heat development of the LED is approximately 80% lower than an equivalent xenon light source. The very low-noise ventilation concept with passive heat pipe generates a virtually inaudible noise level of 25 dB(A). A calmer environment improves the working conditions in the operating room.

The efficient cooling concept also offers hygienic benefits with lower airflow.

To find more information about the range of endoscopic equipment by Richard Wolf (Germany) click on the link.